A Sample Invocation

I was asked to write an invocation for a Rotary Club's first meeting of 1999.

Good Afternoon.

Before we call to order our first meeting of 1999, let us take a moment to thank God for all we have been given, and for bringing such a fine group of dedicated and enthusiastic Rotarians together in this New Year. I am proud to be among you.

We ask for God's help to give our individual and collective gifts to our community;

to regularly refurbish our intentions;

to give of ourselves in ways that make a difference -- to our families, to our town, to our nation, to a world grown so small it can be explored and conquered with the click of a mouse;

to keep our wits during a time replete with distractions and political uncertainty;

to maintain our focus with determination, and with a sense of humor borne of the knowledge that we are mortal men (and women);

and, to fuel our work with vigor, stamina, and a hearty spirit.

For all of this, and for a few doses of good luck and grace, we give our thanks.

© 1999 V. C. Sumners

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